Embracing Impact

2019 saw the birth of the EO Netherlands IMPACT chair. It was the brainchild of Wendy Van Ierschot and Huub Waterval, who met at the 2019 UN / EO Sustainable Development Goals Conference in New York. Their dedication towards supporting the SDG’s and the reality that EO was fully capable of implementing change was the perfect storm. 2019/20 saw Dutch members sign up for the B-Corp and Carbon Footprint track. Attention shifted towards sustainability across all levels, including events and meetings. Changes were happening, some of them forced due to the constraints of COVID-19. The pandemic taught us how to cope with hybrid working, online conferences etc. Much of this activity and information was documented in a booklet EO Netherlands produced this time last year.

Take a leap forward to 2021 – and things are going from strength to strength. Both tracks have been rolled out across Europe. Thanks to Wendy, Area Director, Europe Regional Council, Huub, Impact Chair EO Netherlands and Wolfgang Geramb’s (Impact and External Engagement Expert) involvement, the dynamic trio were able to establish a digital course for European EO-ers. The uptake for both tracks was phenomenal, fully subscribed – 75 attendees – within 48 hours. Yes – we are moving in the right direction!
You’ll find plenty of information about who is doing what right here. For now, we urge you to read on and start making your own steps towards a better, brighter, sustainable future