On the UP

We all love a good get together, which is what UP Events, based in Amsterdam, are masters in arranging. Established in 2017, by Daniel Mulder and his business partner Martijn Lentjes, UP prides itself on organizing excellent team building activities or company parties, outings, meetings and festivals. It’s also popular with children as there are lots of fun outdoor activities, ideal for birthday parties and summer camps. Think Archery Tag, outdoor Laser Gaming, Bubble Football. A playground paradise that can also come to you – many of the activities can be arranged off-site. Running an events company during COVID must have also been a challenge, however, Daniel tells me that they soon found ways to hold corona-proof activities, much of which were outside. Nothing beats the great outdoors and a blast of fresh air! Plus they developed a successful online business. When it comes to environmental issues – UP are fully committed to reducing their Carbon Footprint. Which is why the EO track dedicated to this very cause was so appealing to Daniel and his team.

Why Carbon Footprint?

Becoming more sustainable is paramount for UP and they are continuously making improvements. Right now, they are in the middle of building a professional kitchen and have been exploring all kinds of energy sources as they want to avoid Gas. Daniel explains that they have six warehouse style rooms, which they use for parties or events and these are currently Gas free. The next step is to install solar panels. It goes without saying that they are busy with waste separation and ensure that all on-site visitors follow the rules, which must be challenging with a high footfall and lots of children! They also work with the Dutch company ‘De Tweede Jeugd’, who use unsold bread to create delicious eats – namely toasties, croutons, crostini and crackers. So, if you’re looking for lunch whilst at UP – you know you will be served a sustainable sandwich. Plus, their menu offers more vegetarian than meat options.
When it comes to sourcing materials, they always opt for local suppliers. For example, a lot of the wood used on site originates from local trees, which, once felled, have been cut into usable boards. It’s still early days for Daniel, in terms of seeing a positive impact on the company and its profits but he knows that will come. Right now it’s about establishing the foundations and making the changes, which will in time start to give back. They’re constantly thinking about the future and what the next steps will be; more sustainable energy sources, better water management and an increase in social entrepreneurship.

And in the long term?

Daniel hopes they can inspire others to follow suit and that people will come to UP knowing that they are not only going to have a great day out, but that they are also, in turn, supporting sustainability. His BHAG; to sell 10.000.000 experiences by 2027, increasing their footfall whilst reducing their footprint.

The CO2 track was well organised in three parts: investigate carbon footprint, investigate possibilities to reduce carbon footprint, and third: options to compensate. The track was brought with a mix of experience sharing by participants, expert advice and examples from entrepreneurs. It helped me to gain more insight into my situation and possibilities and it will help me in the (near) future to find my way to the right people.

Daniel Mulder

UP Events