A Sustainable Slice

BOSKA Food Tools has been in the family for 125 years. Established back in 1896 by Willem Bos, the company is now run by Martijn, who took over in 2002. They create durable kitchenware, think fun smart tools for cheese, chocolate, pizza – whatever it may be. Their tagline ‘Food Tools for Life’ resonates with today’s sustainability movement and all their products come with a lifetime guarantee. They fully believe that ‘Quality is Sustainability’ – it’s a known fact that there are plenty of kitchen tools on the market with a short shelf life. They primarily use natural raw materials such as stone, steel or wood and are made to last. They want to create a positive impact all round and design lasting products that are affordable, fun, smart and maintain their looks. In their own words ‘less waste, more taste’.

Why B-Corp?

Martijn explains that their goal is to create a positive impact within the company whilst providing superior tools for the world, environment and people. The B-corp track offers excellent guidance, plus great check and wishlists. They are also involved in The Carbon Footprint track and are now working towards becoming carbon neutral through reduction and offsetting carbon.
In addition they are busy implementing changes to receive B-Corp certification. They have 2 projects on the go and their goal is to reduce their CO2 emissions to net zero. What helps is their dedicated team, ensuring necessary actions are implemented. Plus they have already stopped flying in goods from Asia, started using green energy and are adapting their corporate articles to encompass sustainability on a higher level.
Martijn explains that they are creating a new way of thinking and doing. There’s a sense of comradery within the team – employees want to get on board, are really motivated. Their mission and vision hasn’t changed, instead it has matured and become more acceptable, creating ownership and support within the company.

And future plans?

They are on a mission, both to reduce CO2, become net zero, plastic free and only produce products that last a lifetime. Plus they want to become a certified B-Corp as soon as possible – preferably within the year. Fundamentally, their motto is simple. Make fantastic products that don’t break. Once again Martijn reiterates that all important line, ‘Quality is Sustainability’ . Long lasting products with a lifetime guarantee are the future. He hopes BOSKA Food Tools is an example to others, encouraging them to do the same. When disclosing his BHAG, there are two tracks; internally to reach net zero by 2030 and attain Carbon neutrality and B-Corp by 2022, and on a broader scale, to set a new standard of quality within the Food Tool industry, assuring a lifetime guarantee.

Social development goals:

Good Health and well-being
Responsible Consumption and Production
Decent Work and Economic Growth
Climate Action
Industry Innovation and Infrastructure
Life On Land

The Bcorp track gave us clear insights, guidance, knowledge and fun with peers.

Martijn Bos

BOSKA Food Tools